R. Bruce Elder: Films 1975-2017

I feel closer to this epic-maker Elder than to any other living filmmaker: and yet I feel an aesthetic opposition of such intensity that I’m certain I will be working the rest of life Uphill to offset this grand haunt with every visual means at my disposal. I embrace his making with all my heart (knowing full well the desperate honest integrity of the man, the sweet graciousness of him, the largesse of the gift he has given) for he and I are face-to-face in this beseeming meaningless turmoil of 20th-century Westward Ho-ing creativity, this Time long-shadowed by an impending darker age than ever before . . . Could I sing to Elder: “You take the Picture, and I’ll take the Aura: and we’ll neither of us outlive the current Horror.”
   Stan Brakhage, Telling Time, 124–125.

The most important North American avant-garde filmmaker to emerge during the 1980s.
   Jonas Mekas

I am interested in how things go together and what keeps things apart, in divisions, borders, transitions, gradations—especially in the delicate ways in which one thing leads into another and in the ways in which things may be transformed from one state into another. Accordingly, in my films I have worked at exploring the potentials of camera movement, montage, and optical printing. That's a pretty broad statement, I realize, but it explains a lot about why my films are as they are.
   R. Bruce Elder, 1981.

The Book of All the Dead (1975-1994)

REGION ONE: The System of Dante's Hell

Art of Wordly Wisdom
1857(Fool’s Gold)
Illuminated Texts
Lamentations, A Monument to the Dead World, Part 1: The Dream of the Last Historian
Sweet Love Rememered
Lamentations: A Monument to the Dead World, Part 2: The Sublime Calculation
Permutations and Combinations

REGION TWO: Consolations (Love Is An Art Of Time)

Consolations(Love Is an Art of Time) Part 1: The Fugitive Gods
Consolations(Love Is an Art of Time) Part 2: The Lighted Clearing
Consolations(Love Is an Art of Time) Part 3: The Body and the World

REGION THREE: Exulations (In Light Of The Great Giving)

Flesh Angels
Look! We Have Come Through!
Newton and Me
Barbara Is a Vision of Loveliness
Azure Serene
She Is Away
Exultations: In Light of the Great Giving
Burying the Dead: Into the Light
Et Resurrectus Est

The Book of Praise (1997 - )

A Man Whose Life Was Full of Woe Has Been Surprised by Joy (1997)
Crack, Brutal Grief (2000)
Eros and Wonder (2003)
Infunde Lumen Cordibus (2004)
The Young Prince (2007)
What Troubles The Peace At Brandenberg? (2011)
A Gathering of Crystals (2015)
Return to Nature! The True Natural Method Of Healing
and Living and the True Salvation Of the Soul: Paradise Regained
—The Core Of the Body—Water, Human Curative Power, Light, Air,
Earth, Food, Fruit Culture (2012)

Alone (All Flesh Shall See It Together) (forthcoming, 2018)